Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Shopping Finds

Hello, I hope everyone's enjoying their summer! Lately I've been enjoying the warmer days and nervously waiting for school to start. I finally received my nurse uniform a.k.a scrubs. I'm proud to wear them and they're very comfy but sadly my butt disappeared in the unflattering bagginess. lol. Aside from that I really want to make this summer last long so some lazy days are a must. Lounging by the pool is a start but I think it's time to get into a good book. More than likely it will be Breaking Dawn because I love a good cliche romance novel every once in while, but I digress. So today, (one of my lazy days) I discovered this site called drugstore.com. I started seeing it pop up in magazines like Allure and Lucky so I decided to check it out. This site is wonderful. After you spend some amount you get free shipping (like most sites but if it's your first time shopping with them you only have to spend $25 for free shipping and $50 on your next visit) and no taxes. Where I live sales tax is insanely high so this site is great for all my basic drug store needs and some extras that I can't really find easily. Some of my rare finds were the Love & Toast Honey Coconut perfume, which is a very sweet honey based scent and the Cosmedicine skincare line that I'd like to try out for acne. There are some other things I can't really find in stores with the kind of deals they are offering such as 20% off of all skin care products and half price for Crest 3D White Strips. Alhough, I'm not sure how long the deals last. I was also able to find a good deal on Now Foods vitamin B12 liquid which I'm going to start taking to be just a little bit healthier. I also checked out a site called Beauty.com which is connected to Drugstore.com and that can be pretty useful if you can't find what your looking for at Sephora or Ulta. I was surprised to find that they had brands like NARS, Shiseido, and Butter LONDON. Anyhow, I just felt like sharing my finds with you all. I love finding great discounts and the best deals so I hope this helps on your next online shopping venture. ♥

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Anonymous said...

Hi from Canada! I'm starting Nursing school in the Fall of this year as well. Definitely in the same boat as you; can't wait to start but jumping on the days I can relax now!

Look forward to following your journey. Cheers!